At Siripro innovation, integrity, quality are heart of our business. We value our clients, employees and promote harmony. We are environment friendly organization. We strive to meet today's challenges and rapid changes in business world and tailor our services and solutions to meet client needs.

We understand the challenges business's are facing in uncertain economic times. Our size gives us enormous amount of flexibility to respond quickly to every client's unique requirements. We want to work with our clients to provide them best tools and solutions to solve the business problem. We create opportunities for our employees by constantly training them in latest and greatest technologies.

We are constantly improving our delivery processes to provide best services to our clients. Every client's needs are unique and we understand this very well.

We meet unique needs by providing value added services tailored to each client's business needs.

We run everyday business by following our core values which ensures transparency and trustworthiness.

Our history is a natural evolution from the consulting roles played in several big consulting companies. The idea to start our own business evolved from the problem that most of the big budget IT projects fail because the projects are too complex and fail to find right resources with technical, functional skills .

Siripro's specialization driven approach finds the right mix of technical, and functional skills. We are constantly building a strong network of professionals focused on specialization. We strongly believe that the focus on specialization gives an edge in the long term by building better solutions and creating value for our clients. Our specialists get tremendous satisfaction by being innovators in their chosen field.